Wedding Jewelry That is Perfect for More Than Just Your Wedding

Once the wedding gown is decided, the next task on the list is to buy jewellery that suits the attire. Many brides buy jewellery for the wedding solely, not planning to wear again and keeping it as a memory of the wedding day.

The practical thing to do is to buy timeless jewellery that can be worn again. It would be wise to buy jewellery that is timeless which goes with most of the outfits and can be worn on many occasions.

As for the trends, yellow gold is back in fashion, but rose gold is also en vogue. If your gown is of white or pastel colour, yellow gold may not suit the outfit well. Although white gold or platinum will suit the outfit best, they may not be popular in recent years.

Rose gold suits every skin tone and usually goes well with any colour outfit. It also relates to Victorian jewellery which is trendy, as well as timeless.

Rose gold bangle or ring or solitaire diamond pendant with a choker length chain are jewellery forever. They can be worn again on any occasion for an elegant look (wear this chain on a date night). This metal when stacked with other metal jewellery looks beautiful.

Gemstone jewellery is in fashion these days, but a diamond is forever. Select diamond jewellery over gemstone jewellery as diamonds are more durable than gemstones and they last longer.

Pearls are quite popular, but they are fragile. They get damaged easily and their hardness on Mohs scale is 2 only. Even then, they look beautiful and feminine.

You can buy pearl or colour stone drop earrings that can be worn again with a V-neck or plunged-neck outfit. Pull your hair back and let them gleam. The drop earrings with diamonds will go with a wedding gown in any neckline.

Solitaire studs in white gold are a classic piece of jewellery that can be worn on any occasion. Solitaires of round shape in prong settings enhance the brilliance of diamonds and will compliment a wedding gown in any colour with any neckline.

Gemstone studs suiting the colour of wedding dress can also be worn again on any occasion. They go well with casual outfits and are also suitable for a formal look.

Diamond bangle or bracelet in channel or bar setting is also a timeless piece of jewellery. Simple yet stylish, the diamond bangle or bracelet can be worn again on any wedding or even at work for the minimalistic look.

With every other piece of jewellery, engagement ring is also important. If you are shopping with your partner, select a ring that is easy to maintain and could be worn regularly. You can get a bespoke diamond ring that can be worn daily to celebrate the big day of your life each day.

For bespoke wedding jewellery contact us, and we will be pleased to make wedding jewellery that won’t lie in your treasure box and you can shine more than just on your wedding day.


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