What are some good alternatives to traditional engagement rings and wedding rings?

In this article, we are going to tell you about some alternatives to traditional engagement rings and wedding rings excluding the usual suggestions of coloured diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, gemstones, gem band, or heirlooms.

  1. Open or Gap Ring – Gap ring are much in trend. They are open at one end and the two ends of the ring have some design or stones, like birthstones of him and her, flower and leaves, initials of you two, star and moon, or bird and tail symbols. They are the trendiest rings at present and if you are planning a proposal soon, it is a good option to consider.
  2. Knot Ring – Knot rings are simple and good for daily wear. You can get infinity knot, double knot, or a single knot whether with a single diamond, overall diamonds, or diamonds on the band or on knot.
  3. Claddagh Ring – Claddagh rings originated in Ireland and are symbolic to love, loyalty, and friendship. They have a crowned heart held in two hands. The heart represents love, crown – loyalty, and hands – friendship. For engagement, wear Claddagh ring on the ring finger, heart facing outwards. For wedding, Claddagh ring is worn on the ring finger with heart facing inwards.
  4. Crown Ring – Crown rings are made with designs of a crown, usually with diamonds. They are also called queen and king ring. They represent glory, honour, love, and fidelity. These are especially used as an engagement ring. They are in round shape representing no beginning and no end and wholeness.
  5. V-shaped bands – V-shaped bands are another alternative for traditional wedding or engagement rings. V-shaped rings look modern and edgy. They can be adorned singularly or more than one can be stacked together. Plain bands in different metals or with diamonds look splendid when stacked together.
  6. Gimmel ring – Gimmel ring is also known as fede or joint rings. It is a set of multiple rings looped together. It is worn as an engagement ring. Earlier, it had two rings that form clasped hands when adorned together. Later, a ring with heart was added between clasped hands. This ring represents promise, togetherness, and equality.
  7. Posy ring – Posy rings were popular between the 15th and 17th They contained inscriptions like love stories or quotations or courtship stories between beloveds. Posy rings are romantic and are a good option for a wedding ring and engagement ring. Get your love story or quotes inscribed on a band for proposal or wedding and surprise them.
  8. Unusual Setting – Opt for different settings or designs for contemporary engagement and wedding ring. Tension settings, loop design, geometric cut of stones and patterns, wave-shaped band, mechanical designs, using same colour stone and metal are a few examples of making your engagement ring different from the conventional diamond ring.
  9. Signet ring – Signet rings are popular among men. They have a sign, initials, monogram, seal, or symbol engraved on them. In earlier times, signet ring marked wealth and importance of a person in society. Signet rings have been a part of men fashion, and presently, females have also shown their likeliness for them.

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