Relationship Milestones: The right gift at the right time

Relationships new or old, need love, time, attention, respect and gifts or should we say surprise gifts to keep the spark alive and also to let the other one know how much they mean to you. Women, in general, are better at picking the gifts for their man. That is why we decided on writing this blogpost as a guide to pick the right gifts when you go from ‘like’ to ‘love’ and beyond, because gifting is not rocket science, just pick the right hints and you shall never regret. These gifts are for occasions besides holidays, Christmas, work milestones etc, that are special exclusively for you two and your relationship.

Stage one: the ‘seeing’ each other stage

This is when you meet someone you think is interesting and you feel good and enjoy her company. You meet and talk regularly and to make her feel that she is more than ‘just a friend’ for you a small but thoughtful gift would be great, maybe when you complete a month of seeing each other. Notice the kind of jewellery or accessories she wears when you meet and that can be your clue as to what can be a gift for her. A silver or a charm bracelet, a string of semi-precious stones, a book related to one of her hobbies could make a good gift. Do not go for a very expensive gift as this shall set the bar quiet high for anything that you gift further into the relationship.

Stage two: the dating stage

This is where you are her ‘boyfriend’. You are the plus one for each other almost everywhere, be it parties, social get-together, etc. at this stage you are expected to know her a little better. She has explicitly or in discussions told you about her likes and dislikes in the past few months that you have been together. If it has been half a year or so of you two being together, another gift can be planned for your 6-months of being together anniversary. An instant camera, a lovely watch, a branded handbag or a pair of crystal or pearl earrings set in silver shall make wonderful gifts for this occasion.

Stage three: moving in together

This is when you are moving towards a more serious commitment towards each other. staying with each other is an absolutely different ball game and this way you get to understand her more closely. To let her know how important this is for you, gift her something maybe when you complete a month of moving in together. A portable projector for romantic weekend binge watching, a piece of art that she liked to decorate the house but declined as it was a bit expensive, a pair of gold hoops or a heart shaped gold pendant can be apt presents for this stage in your relationship.

Stage four: the proposal

If you have been in your relationship for a long time now and believe that she is the right one for you then, roll up your sleeves and get down to planning a proposal that she shall remember a lifetime. Choosing the ring should not be that difficult now, still if you are stuck anywhere check out our post on how to choose the right ring for her. Diamond solitaires, halo rings with ruby, sapphire or an emerald at the centre, trinity rings or even eternity bands make for a great choice to pop the question.

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