Best Jewellery Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019

We bring to you an assortment of 25 jewellery gift ideas for this Christmas to share the joy of festivity with your loved ones.

1. Enamel Jewellery – Enamel jewellery in warm colours look exquisite and will make a cheerful Christmas present.

2. Diamond Hoops – Set in pave, diamond hoops are versatile and suits every occasion.

3. Ladybug Brooch – A brooch in ladybug shape with rubies and black onyx is a unisex piece of jewellery.

4. Tanzanite Studs– The gemstone for December, Tanzanite will make a good choice for Christmas present, especially a well-cut and shaped Tanzanite in studs.

5. Knot Bracelet – A knot bracelet in gold is ideal for daily wear jewels, which she would never like to take-off.

6. Ear Jackets – This is in the trends and loved for their unique and edgy concept.

7. Stackable Rings – Simple rings in yellow, white, and rose gold, stacked together, is what everyone is talking about this season.

8. Charm Bracelet – Themed around Christmas, with charms of heart, wreath, candy, angels, stockings, a charm bracelet will light up Xmas feel.

9. Heart-shaped Pendant – The ever loved design of heart, in rubies or diamonds, in a pendant will always be special and worn close to heart.

10. Link Layer Necklace – Links and layers are setting trend and link chains that can be layered are an incredible combination.

11. Emerald Earrings – The Christmas spirit with green emerald chandelier earrings will be beautiful.

12. Rose Gold Petite Ring – Simplistic, elegant and beautiful, a colour loved by all, rose gold ring is everyone’s first love.

13. Starry Night Holy Night – A star-shaped pendant or hoops will twinkle all year round.

14. Pearl-drop Earrings – Sophisticated and delicate, pearl drop earrings are a good choice of gift for mother, girlfriend, or sister.

15. Boho Neckpiece – Set in multi-colour gemstone with single or multiple strands, boho neckpiece are vibrant and fun to wear.

16. Cocktail Ring – A cocktail ring in birthstones is a thoughtful choice.

17. Personalised Jewellery –Initials embedded in diamonds, set in jewellery, is love and a good option for Christmas gift for him.

18. Opal Ring – White opal with its rainbow of colours is like pristine glittery snow. It is simply enchanting when combined with diamonds.

19. Collar – A simple choker in gold with a drop pendant or a gap collar is yet another amazing gift for this Christmas.

20. Baroque Designs – Baroque designs are among the vintage designs and with pearls, they make a stunning piece of jewellery.

21. Ear Climber – It is the most adorable trend of the year. Bold yet subtle, one does fall in love with them.

22. Tennis Bracelet – An evergreen piece of jewellery, diamond tennis bracelet never goes out of fashion.

23. Dragonfly Brooch – A dragonfly brooch in enamel colours or mother of pearls is a remarkable piece of jewellery that complements any outfit.

24. Bow Studs – A gift for your sister or girlfriend, bow studs have always been popular among girls.

25. Gap Ring – A gap ring with your choice of designs makes adorable bespoke jewellery.

If you are still looking for more, our team of bespoke experts will make Christmas jewellery present just like you want.

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