The 10 Jewellery Trends You Need to Know for Fall/Winter 2019-2020

This season of holiday, hot chocolate, winter snow, flickering lights, and bright hues have brought with it some trends in the jewellery. We observed some brilliant jewellery on the runway and red carpet and decided to introduce you to these trends that you will love to embrace this fall/winter 2019-2020.

1. One earring – A trend that was witnessed on the runway, making its way to reality is wearing one big chunky earring. Bigger the better. Earring hanging long with a wide dimension or a bold ear cuff in bird or floral design is to trend in 2020.

2. Long earrings – Long earrings or pendant earrings, as some may call, in a single strand is trending. These earrings are designed long to touch one’s shoulders. Usually single-stranded with a motif at the end, touching the collar bone, got it the name of pendant earrings.

3. Tassels – Beaded or string tassels as earrings, pendant in a long necklace, or tied at the ends of a tie necklace is a trend we are looking forward to being popular in 2020. Tassels give bohemian look and tribal jewellery designs will continue to be popular. Tassels can be easily personalised and give a sophisticated and modern look.

4. Rings in multiple fingers – Stacking and layering will be the most accepted trend. With it, stacking rings in different fingers and in different parts of the fingers will be setting fashion style.

5. Yellow gold – Yellow gold is back in trends and will be in vogue in 2020. This does not mean that rose gold will be outcast. It will be popular for its shades, feminine look, and suitability to all skin tones.

6. Brooches – Brooches in floral and animal designs with colourful gemstones to make them look close to nature are hit this fall/winter. Wearing multiple brooches on coat collars have been seen on the red carpet. Brooches are men’s best jewellery and have been experimented as tie brooches, which are a big hit. Tie brooches add glory to a simple suit and draw attention towards the jawline.

7. Statement jewellery – Big, dramatic, edgy jewellery is the trend for fall/winter 2019-2020. Statement jewellery is modern and chic. Wear mismatched earrings, chunky chokers, large and stacked cuffs, bold hoops, and layered large chains for your statement jewellery.

8. Colourful gems – This fall/winter, pastel and dull colour stones are replaced by bright coloured gemstones like emeralds, rubies, yellow sapphires, and morganite. It is all about vibrant and warm colours. Rhinestone and pearl jewellery will be in vogue for their elegant and lustrous texture. Mirrors and mirror texture is yet another trending style in jewellery.

9. Anklets – The fall/winter 2019-2020 runway saw the trend of anklets. Delicate and simple chain anklets, chunky anklets, staked anklets, and anklets as a part of footwear straps, all made to the runway. Anklets as part footwear are the most applauded style. They add style and extravagance to your attire.

10. Crafty and quirky Jewellery – Take inspiration from your stationery and get your jewels crafted. Clips are the favourite design this season. Using letters, logos, and symbols in making jewellery are the easiest way to get personalised jewellery.

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