The Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 Weddings

The season of engagement is here and we know many of you have started with the preliminaries of selecting your dream engagement rings, whether discussing with your partner or dropping them hints. With the thought to ease things for you, we decided to list five top engagement ring trends for you to select and design your desired engagement ring.

1. Vintage Rings

Vintage rings are going to be the most popular trend for engagement rings this wedding season. Rose-cut, asscher-cut, and emerald-cut diamonds will be preferred over conventional round cut diamonds.

Sunburst ring, a popular design from Art Deco, will be the most prized one. Sunburst ring in semi-circle, oval, or round, floral-inspired with diamonds and gemstones, in any combination and design will be a popular choice with a profusion of options for personalisation. Morganite with rose gold is one classy combination of sunburst ring from the art deco era. Sunburst design will be seen all types of jewellery, be it be rings, earrings or pendants.

Inspired by sunburst rings, crown bands will also trending in 2020. Crown bands that are a combination of crown rings and sunburst rings will be a popular choice for contemporary and personalised engagement rings.

2. Salt and Pepper Diamond

Another famous vintage engagement ring, salt and pepper, will be setting trend in 2020. Salt and pepper are diamonds in the hues of grey colour with impurities. These impurities and imperfections create unique speckles resembling a sky full of stars,

giving the name of celestial diamonds. These are celebrated for their unique spots and colour, making each diamond distinct and rare.

A salt and pepper diamond in yellow or white gold with sunburst setting will be the unique and trendiest engagement ring for 2020, which one will love to wear and have as a prized possession.

3. Lab-Grown Diamonds

For environment consciousness and sustainability, people are opting for lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds assure ethical sourcing. They are endorsed by celebrities for being eco-friendly, which has also contributed to their growing demand.

Celebs have always inspired people and so are their engagement rings have inspired many to have rings ‘like them.’ Yet another engagement ring trend to watch in 2020 is ‘celebrity inspired’ engagement rings.

Platinum bands, split shank, pave diamonds, solitaire or birthstone engagement rings, all inspired by red carpet and royals with the bespoke touch of one’s preferences.

4. Minimalist Ring

In contradiction to what we said earlier, celeb-inspired engagement rings, minimalist ring will be in trend in 2020. Less is more, simplistic, stackable bands, micro pave bands in diamonds and gemstones will all be trending engagement rings for 2020. Delicate, feminine, simplistic, and elegant will be the features of minimalist engagement rings for 2020.

5. Birthstone Rings

Birthstones will continue to be popular than diamonds in 2020 as well. Birthstone rings are an expression of individuality and personalisation.

A three-stone ring with birthstones or a three-stone birthstone and diamond ring is a reflection of being different and commitment of eternal love.

A gap ring with two stones, each representing the birthstones of partners, is symbolic to togetherness, commitment, and thoughtfulness for each other.

Our team of experts will include all your selected elements, designed harmoniously and beautifully into a bespoke engagement ring that you fancy.

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