Handmade Jewellery Trends for Christmas 2019

In our previous article, we shared some trendy jewellery gift ideas for Christmas. We wrote about the jewellery that will be ideal for gifting and will be loved to be received. Observing the trend, we analysed that most people these days opt for customised jewellery.

Though a variety of designs of jewellery is available in stores, whether online or offline, people look for something different to stand out the crowd, leading to increased demand for bespoke jewellery.

What makes handmade jewellery so popular?

Your jewellery, your rules

As said earlier, people want unique jewellery to stand out the crowd and so they get their jewellery customised. We have seen the market flooded with ball studs and it doesn’t give you a chance to be different. If you get it bespoke, like getting diamonds embedded in it, you get a chance to be in trends with adding that special distinctiveness of yours.

You know your jewellery from the beginning

When designing your own jewels, you get to select your stones and metal. For someone, clarity of the stone may be more important over colour or vice-versa. Handcrafted jewellery let you pick the stone that mesmerises you the most. You choose your gemstone, diamond, carat size, and cut of the stone.

Jewellery at your ease and comfort

For getting jewels handcrafted, the process is really simple. You are not required to visit the store frequently. For the beginning, you discuss your requirements online with the expert. At

the max, the seller will call you once for designing, selecting elements, and taking size for rings. Once made, the jewellery will be delivered at your door-step.

Today’s jewellery, tomorrow’s stories

When getting jewels designed, one always plans if they want it for long-term or short-term. A solitaire ring never goes out of fashion and if you are planning to buy one, you can get it customised in a fashion that the generations to come will love to receive it. For short-term jewellery, you may like to get it remoulded or sold, saving money on your next jewellery.

Compromise less, dream more

You may like a certain piece, but may not prefer the setting or may require specific metal in certain karat. You get a chance to transform your imagination into your dream jewellery. When you decide on every element of your jewellery right from the design, you are sure to make the best of your budget.

You are an environmentalist

With the growing concern for environment, people are considering the impact of manufacturing jewellery on the environment. Minimal use of water, ethical extraction of stones and metals, and use of resources efficiently are assured by people while getting their jewels handcrafted.

Getting bespoke jewellery handmade has never been easier. Sparkling Stones facilitates you with a simple process, assured quality, and best of the designs for your personalised jewellery.

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