Should I Buy 9 Karat Or 18 Karat Gold? 

When planning to buy jewellery or getting bespoke jewellery, it is essential to decide the metal. If you have chosen gold for your engagement ring or diamond earrings, or elegant emerald ring and confused between 9 karat and 18 karat gold, this article will help you in taking a decision.

Gold content

Gold in its pure form, i.e. 24 karat, is very soft and so it is combined with alloys to strengthen for use. 18 karat gold means 75% gold mixed with 25% alloy and 9 karat gold means 37.5% gold with 62.5% alloy. There is a minimum percentage of gold required in a product to be sold as gold according to laws of lands. In the UK, 9 karat is the minimum purity level for gold whereas in the US it is 10 karat.


9 karat gold is more durable than 18 karat gold because of the presence of higher alloy. The durability also depends on the alloy mixed with gold. 18 karat gold will have more scratches than 9 karat gold as 18 karat is in the purer form.


Jewellery in 18 karat gold looks much lustrous and has clear tones than 9 karat gold. Yellow gold in 18 karat has a deeper shade of yellow. White gold and rose gold have brighter tones in 18 karat gold while 9 karat gold reflects pale shades.


9 karat gold will tarnish easily because of the high percentage of alloy. 18 karat gold remains more or less the same over a period.

Price and weight

18 karat gold is priced higher than 9 karat gold because of the higher presence of gold percent. Gold is heavier than other metal and 18 karat gold will be heavier than 9 karat.

Skin Allergy

Usually, metal allergy is caused by alloys present in jewellery. Alloys may cause skin allergy, skin irritation or react to lotions or mist. Higher the presence of alloy, higher is the chances of reactions.


The hues of bright yellow gold are in fashion at present. 18 karat gold will provide a vibrant shade of yellow. Even for Victorian jewellery, the rustic look in 18 karat gold will be eye pleasing than the tarnish of 9 karat gold.

9 karat gold is affordable, durable, and could go good if maintenance and cleaning are carried out from time to time. However, the sophistication and beauty of 18 karat gold are unbeatable. 18 karat gold is valuable, generally will not cause skin allergies, will reflect beautiful patina over time, and make a brilliant piece of jewellery when setting with a high grade of diamonds and gemstones.

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