About Sparkling

We believe that everyone in unique, and when it comes to personal taste in jewellery it can be the subtle and unique details that make us fall in love with a piece. Here at Sparkling Stones we work alongside you to create bespoke, hand crafted stone-based jewellery for those occasions in life when only the very best will do.

No matter if you are getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary, recreating a family heirloom or need a personal gift for someone special – we will be able to help. Sparkling Stones will assist you in bringing your dreams to life with friendly expertise that guides you from the initial concept of your bespoke jewellery to creation of the final piece.

We work only with the highest quality gems that have been ethically sourced to order and with no expensive shop front to push up costs, your jewellery can be crafted according to your personal budget and taste.

We create completely personalised pendants, rings, cufflinks and earrings from certified stones and hallmarked precious metals. These are items that you can wear forever, safe in the knowledge that they are a true one-off and that nobody else will own anything quite like them.

It doesn’t matter if you already know what you’re looking for, or have no idea where to begin. Our team are experts in hand crafted jewellery and will be able to guide you every step of the way.

The Team

We are Himanshu and Meenakshi, the husband and wife team who created Sparkling Stones. We started Sparkling Stones, all because we believe that creating bespoke jewellery gives us the freedom to express creatively, and an opportunity to share our designs with the world. The act of creating unique jewellery is a very satisfying and joyful experience.

We are both lovers and collectors of fine jewellery, and we know all about the creation of breath-taking pieces, making us the perfect team to help you on your journey to creating something truly special and unique.

Meenakshi is a specialist in exquisite and luxury jewellery design. She has a keen eye for design, allowing her to expertly visualise fine jewellery from engagement rings to anniversary pendants, and everything in-between.

The Utmost Quality

Rest assured quality is always of the utmost importance to us. This extends from selecting the stones and setting them to personal service we provide to you throughout. You’ll find that you are perfectly in control of the entire process: from choosing an initial design to having the final say at every stage of the creation journey.

You can rely on us to take care, just as much as you do, of your special creations and the occasions they represent. Our aim is to know that you and your loved ones are happy with the special jewellery we have helped you bring so beautifully to life!

What Sets Us Apart

Simply put, what sets our jewellery apart is you. By giving us the opportunity to craft a truly unique piece of jewellery – one without imitations, and finished with all the intricacy and care that you would expect.

We specialise in crafting bespoke jewellery tailored to your taste and specifications. You will receive personal service, including qualified advice from our Gemmologists at every stage of design and development of your jewellery.

You can choose from a range of diamonds, gems, precious or semi-precious stones, metals and engraving styles to create exquisite jewellery for any occasion. We assist you even when you come to us just with an idea or design in your mind. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t clear on the type and quality of gemstone or the metal to be used – this is where our knowledge, integrity and expertise is here to help you. Every step of the creation process for your jewellery focuses on the beautiful and intricate Indian inspired designs, and quality hand crafting all done here in Britain. By weaving these two threads together we are confident that any jewellery we create for you will be of the highest standard.

Below are the reasons why our customers not only recommend us but also like to do business with us repeatedly:

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