Engagement rings: fashions and designs through time

Engagement rings: fashions and designs through time

‘Diamonds are forever’, so the saying goes. As a long-desired centrepiece for engagement rings, the elegance and sophistication of diamonds have certainly endured through the ages.

It is always fascinating to observe trends over the years, and though it’s easy to imagine a simple, sparkling diamond solitaire when picturing an engagement ring, in fact styles have changed frequently over the last century.

In the beginning

Diamond engagement rings were rare at the turn of the twentieth century, with sapphires,       rubies or emeralds just as popular for proposals. Classic was the style of choice as the         years progressed into the 1910s, with a typical engagement ring comprising a diamond  solitaire set in a yellow-gold band.


The Roaring Twenties

The opulence of Edwardian England influenced the style of the 1920s, with diamondengagement rings no different. Ornate, intricate designs took centre stage.

Art Deco takes over

Evoking scenes from The Great Gatsby, geometric shapes ruled 1930s engagementringdesigns, steeped in the eras trademark glamour. These styles remained popularuntil the Great Depression hit, after which simple metalwork rings were far more prevalent and affordable.

War brides

Forties war brides were the unfortunate victims of metal-rationing in their engagement rings, even if the diamonds themselves were to endure as lasting symbols of love. Hollywood glitz then took over after the war ended, with diamonds lavishly set in newly-introduced white-gold and platinum.

Shaping the Sixties and Seventies

Round-cut wasn’t the only way to set a diamond engagement ring as the decade moved on. Emerald-cut, pear and heart-shaped diamonds began to gain popularity, as did platinum,and there was a welcome return to yellow- gold in the warm-hued Seventies. Hollywood was still heavily influencing trends, and diamonds were even more in demand after Elizabeth Taylor was seen wearing her own pear-cut engagement diamond.

Delicious baguettes

The 1980s favoured round engagement stones again, with baguette designsbecoming aninstant classic. The incoming Nineties gave way to imaginative radiant-cut shapes, whose popularity lasted well into the new century.


Present day colour

Princess-cut styles also dominated the 2000s, and now that times are changing yet again,so have engagement rings. Celebrities are beginning to flash coloured diamonds on the red carpet, with halo settings attracting the spotlight. Regardless of your preferred engagement ring style, our friendly team of experts at Sparkling Stones understand the significance and the meaning of a perfect diamond ring. We offer a bespoke design and creation service that incorporates advice and assistance at every stage, truly helping you bring your dreams to life. We are also able to recreate a treasured heirloom piece, or design a unique engagement ring in any of the many popular styles seen throughout the ages. For further information, please contact us.

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