All You Need to Know About the October Birthstone – Opal

Opal is a beautiful mesmerizing precious stone. Hailed as the October Birthstone, the Opal stone is known for its majestic beauty that has the power of stealing the glance from anyone who sees it. However, for those who are born in the month of October, the Opal stone holds a special significance. With the fascinating opulence of vibrating hues –resembling that of the magnificent rainbow after a beautiful summer rain, the Opal stone is the modern birthstone for the month of October. The Opal is also the traditional birthstone for the zodiac sign of Libra.

History of the Opal Birthstone

The Libran birthstone –the Opal derives its name from the famous Latin term “opulus” implying the “stone from various elements.” This means that the striking display of light and the unique ability of the Opal stone to reflect & retract the varying wavelengths of light have been known to the ancient Romans in the medieval days of Roman antiquity.

Opal in Legend & History

For several centuries, the famous writers of the world have compared to the Opal birthstone to various natural elements including the volcano, fireworks, galaxies, and much more. As such, the Opal birthstone has also received various poetic names like the ‘Light of the World,’ ‘Pandora,’ and so more.
The ancient monarchs also treasured Opals –both for the immense beauty as well as for the assumed protective powers of the stone. The Opals in the medieval times were also engraved into crowns and worn in various jewelry items including necklaces, rings, and so more. As such, the trend of boasting the lucky Opal birthstone in jewelry items like necklaces, engagement rings, pendants, and so more continue even in the modern jewelry trends.

Amazing Color Varieties of Opal

The amazing hues of the Opal birthstone are known to range across a wide spectrum –just like a rainbow. The Opal stones might display a single color or even multiple colors or the collective hues of a rainbow. As per the rule, the hues or shades of the Opal birthstone are divided into different types –depending on the background colors. On the basis of the colors or shade variations of the Opal birthstone, some of the stone variations might be more priced than others. Most of the Opal buyers out there tend to prefer buying the black background shade of the Opal birthstone. This is due to the fact that the role of the color of the stone might manifest itself more attractively against the black, dark background.

Opal Stone Purchasing Guide

If you are mesmerized by the natural beauty of the Opal Birthstone, you might as well consider buying it in the upcoming times. The body tones of the Opal birthstone from N1 (Black) to N9 (White) are the major determining factors that help the buyers in evaluating the Opal stone. In black opals, green and blue shades are predominant. Depending on your specific purpose, you can consider buying the opal birthstone. Shine in elegance with the help of the beautiful Opal-based jewelry.

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