Pop the Question in Style: Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement rings have always been the star of the big announcement or taking the step ahead in your relationship. It is considered the sign of love and fondness for each other. The style can vary from intricately studded Victorian to modern minimalistic designs. Here are the best in-vogue styles for engagement rings in the UK.

  • Simple Solitaire Rings: This style has been around for a very long time and is ageless. These rings are minimalistic with a single diamond studded on pangs on a band of precious metal. This is ideal for those with a minimalistic and simple style. These rings can also be statement pieces because of the size of the stone.
  • 3 stone rings: Prince Harry designed a 3 stone diamond ring for Meghan Markle and since then it’s a hot trend. A larger centre stone with two smaller stones on the either side. Meghan Markle’s ring was and all diamond one but you can add a dash of colour with a combination of stones. Either the larger stone can be a coloured diamond or gemstone or the smaller stones on the either stones can be coloured ones.
  • Halo rings: These rings have a ring of diamonds surrounding the main stone generally a coloured stone or a coloured diamond. The ring of diamond gives a halo effect to the main stone and thus the name ‘halo’ rings. The most recent spectacular example of halo engagement rings is the one to Kate Middleton from Prince William and the other to Katie Holmes from Tom Cruise. Mahalia Chang of Harper’s Bazaar notes that the Halo style seems to be a favoured engagement ring style among the British royals for a very long time and we couldn’t agree more!
  • Victorian rings: rings that will best be suited for someone who loves vintage style. The Victorian style engagement rings are delicate and intricately designed. According to Brilliance.com, Yellow gold was the preferred metal for Victorian rings and the bands were made in decorative patterns from floral, abstract filigree patterns to hearts, doves, lovebirds, arrows etc. Heirloom pieces handed down over generations can make an excellent choice for these rings as these would be really vintage. But, a good jeweller with experience and understanding of vintage style can make an equally good piece.

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