Valentine’s Day Special: Not Just Another Heart Jewellery

February is all about celebrating love or valentine’s day. Heart shape and colour red are symbolic to love. Most of the people like heart shaped things and find it cute, but not every woman loves the shape to be worn as a jewel. A woman may not like to wear a piece of jewellery which is heart-shaped but may like to wear something that has some freshness or twist to the symbol, giving depth to the meaning of love. The feeling is, Valentine’s day is not just about heart jewellery; it is presenting compassion towards your beloved through a well-thought gift.

With the latest trends, gifts for Valentine’s Day are not limited to heart shape. Although most people prefer heart-shaped chocolates, bouquet, and jewel, the joy lies in gifting something that will suit the personality and style of the person. Valentine ’s Day is more than hearts; it is about love, care, and thoughtfulness for the one you are in love with. For buying valentine’s gift, consider the taste of the person and they will appreciate love and thoughts for it. For 14th February, you can gift a bracelet with charms. Charms will be designed to reflect the things that she loves, like music notes, her pet, a crown, a heart, a piece of pie, symbols like of tree of life, deathly hollows or anything she loves. The charms can be worn in an anklet too. All you need to do is list her favourite things or words and put them around her wrist or ankle, reminding that you care.

With charm bracelets, chain bracelets are also popular these days. Bracelet can be made of gold or silver or even rose gold, which is quite preferred by people. You can get a diamond-studded chain bracelet or simply a chunky one, depending on what she would like to wear. A sleek personalised band bracelet is also a good idea.

A diamond is a symbol of love. A carat sized diamond pendant would add to her elegance. If not a single diamond, adding more diamond to the length of the pendant will make the neck piece graceful. Be it be LBD, formal wear, or a tank top, the pendant will complement any outfit pretty well.

A broach is en vogue these days. Again, get a broach with a motif of something she loves. You can also get a quirky broach done or get her favourite slang or word as a motif. And why only what she loves? A word that defines her in your opinion or something you want to tell her always and forever is also a sweet gesture of expressing love to her.

Opt for a right hand classy ring that will embrace her finger forever. Rubies or corals or diamonds can be used for a vintage or a classy ring. Be sure it does not look like an engagement ring. A ring of rose gold, handmade with her preferred stone will make a great valentine’s gift.

Confused? Can’t decide? Contact us and let us help you in making a jewellery design that she would fall in love with (Of course, not more than you).

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