Consultation for a Bespoke Engagement Ring?

Here is what to expect and how to be prepared for it.

We at Sparkling Stones have been providing services to design bespoke rings for our customers for some time now. When we started providing this service, we were surprised to know the number of people interested in getting such rings made. Many of these customers were couples ready to engage and commit to each other in holy matrimony. Some of our customers, for bespoke rings, were renewing their vows at a milestone anniversary and were looking to redesign their wedding or engagement rings to a timeless design.

The curious customers have a lot of questions in their mind regarding the concept and the kind of product they can expect. Our team of designers working directly with our customers to bring the ring of their dreams to life, have noted down a list of questions which they have been asked quiet frequently by their clients. These FAQs or frequently asked questions and answers, shall come in handy if you are going for an appointment with a jewellery designer for a bespoke piece.


Groundwork: If you have decided on going for a bespoke engagement ring for someone special that means you have browsed through the actual and virtual jewellery stores and even apps like Pinterest. But either the search has left you confused regarding what to pick or has helped you make a picture of what you want in your ring. Don’t worry its fine to be in either of the two situations. What shall be helpful though, that you take pictures along this route, pictures of the engagement rings that you have liked and a note what element of the ring you liked. Do not forget to make a mental or physical note of what kind of rings you disapproved, the element that you did not like. Bring all these pictures and ideas to your meeting with the designer. This exercise shall help the designer to understand your style or the kind of rings you would like to have.

Funnelling: After the designer understands your taste, they shall come up with some custom designs that you might like. These shall contain with the elements that you had talked about that you wish to have in your ring. This is the opportunity for you to funnel down the ideas and pin point the elements that you would like in your engagement ring. Here, you can decide on the main elements of the ring: the stone, carat weight, size, cut, metal, style, engraving etc. This is an early stage and the designer can check if he has the stone of your choice in the carat and cut that you require.

Timeline: We have often received requests for a bespoke diamond engagement ring, but time is a bottleneck. On an average, to create a one of its kind ring, the complete process takes 8 to 10 weeks. Let me break down that timeline for you, first week is for conceptualizing the ring, after the first meeting with the client and understanding his requirements, the designer needs to sit and draft several designs with the various elements the client has requested for. Here they try to accommodate all the requirements of the client so that the client can figure out which elements can be given a pass and which elements just have to be there. According to the design that the client approves and the changes he wishes to be incorporated, the designer refines the design. This process can have a few rounds of change and refinements, which can generally take up to a week or even 2. When the final design is approved by the client, the inventory is checked again to recheck if all the elements for the ring are available or not, if there is a missing element, the order for the procurement of the same is placed and the work on manufacturing the piece starts. The manufacturing of the ring can again take 2 to 3 weeks depending upon how intricate or rare the design is. Next the ring comes for inspection before it is studded with the stones, any changes or faults are rectified then. Next the stones are studded and the ring comes again for inspection. The quality control of the piece is done to ensure that all the stones metal and design is the same as approved by the client. Now the ring is ready for the client.

Inspection and sizing: the day you receive a call from the jeweller that your bespoke ring is ready, fix the earliest appointment. Inspect the piece well and compare it to the design that you approved. This is also an opportunity to re-check the size of the ring. But, do not worry you can get the ring resized later also as this is a service that most jewellers, including ourselves, offer their customers for a lifetime.

A bespoke piece is a prized possession for anyone, it is as unique as the person themselves. We as designers take pride in making such pieces as it helps us in stretching our limits and that is why we encourage our customers to go for bespoke jewellery as it will always have stamp of your creativity on it.

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