Jewellery of Different Eras

Georgian Jewellery

Interestingly, in this era, jewellery was made to fit stone and single stones were used. Foiling was used to add brilliance unlike cutting stones in present times. Gold and silver, garnet, topaz, and diamonds were used. Rose-cut, table-cut, old mine-cut, single-cut, and point-cut diamonds were used.

 Victorian Jewellery

Queen Victoria was a trend-setter then. Motifs of flowers, hearts, bow, animals especially snakes, were used before and after the mourning period. During the mourning period, dark coloured stones, like onyx, black enamel, and skulls and skeletons motifs were used.

Jewellery was made with mine-cut diamonds using rose and yellow metals with simple, as well as detailed designs. Tiffany six-prong solitaire was first made in this era.

 Art Nouveau Jewellery

Handmade and enamelled jewellery gained popularity in the Art Nouveau era. Arts and crafts, secession, jugendstil, and liberty jewellery were made. These styles use nature-inspired, soft, and feminine designs. Flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, shells, and female nude designs were used. Freshwater pearls, amber, moonstone, opal, and agate were profusely used.

 Edwardian Jewellery

Platinum became popular for its strength. Sapphires and rose-cut diamonds were used with details on the mount for engagement rings. Detailing and milgrain technique were used. Chokers and danglers were trendy and owning diamonds and pearls was a status symbol.


Art Deco Jewellery

Art deco jewellery is popular these days. Geometry and symmetry are the kinds of design one can observe in art deco jewellery. Sunburst was the popular design of this era. Lapis, jade, onyx, and corals were used along with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

 Retro Jewellery

Big, bold, chunky jewellery belonged to this era. Retro jewellery was Hollywood-inspired and used amethyst, topaz, and citrine. This jewellery is often referred to as cocktail jewellery. Statement pieces of jewellery gained popularity in the retro era.

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