11 Jewellery Trends: From Runway to Reality

Silhouettes on the runway affect people’s choice of dressing and accessorising. Runway introduces us to new styles and brings in the trend of something new. Following are the runway jewellery that became a fashion in 2019:

1. Pearls

Pearls, no matter their size, colour, and shape, have gleam the runway and accepted by people in their lives. Like Coco Chanel said, ‘A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls,’ layers of pearls are being adorned.

2. Chain

Links is one of the runway styles that people admire for their modern and edgy look. Link chains are used in every metal tone and size and for any type of jewel.

3. Chandelier Earrings

Drop, suspended, or long, whatever you call them, chandelier earrings are favourites on runway, red-carpet, and in reality. Elegant, beautiful, diamonds or gemstones, they are the new black this season.

4. Oversized Hoops

Hoops in all sizes, especially oversized hoops, are a big hit. This jewellery is appropriate for any occasion and you can’t go wrong with hoops because of their range of styles and sizes.

5. Candy Hues

Multi-colour jewels are a great way to add colours to a monochrome outfit. Candy pop colours are the latest sensation and everyone is in love with baroque colourful jewels. Warm bright colours are used to make contemporary and classic jewellery, which is eye candy.

6. Statement Collars or Choker

From fashion to fine jewellery, this runway beauty is embraced by all. Statement collars are chic and elegant and wow everyone.

7. Shoe Accessories

Like runway, accessorised shoes are popular among people. The bling on heels or charms or chain tie-ups gives a shimmery and luxurious look.

8. Single Long Earrings

Wearing an earring in a single ear that is oversized or long or an ear cuff looks amazing. This look from the runway is for a tribal and chunky look.

9. Lean Jewellery and Stacking

The most appreciated and accepted style from the runway is stacking or layering. Lean jewellery is used individually or stacked with other jewellery either in same metal or stones or in different metals or stones.

10. Asymmetrical and Abstract

Asymmetrical and abstract jewellery gives a contemporary, bold, and edgy look. For women who like to express themselves and make an impression wherever they go, this runway art is for them.

11. Craft jewellery

Another trend that can be seen around is craft jewellery. Craft jewellery is made of brass, thread, beads, wood, and any material that can be turned to a creative and quirky piece of jewellery.

If these runway styles of jewellery have made way to your heart, make them a part of your attire with Sparkling Stones to amplify the look of your outfit instantly.

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