5 Must-Know Rings Tips When Buying an Engagement Ring

We have enlisted some factors below that you should consider while buying an engagement ring for your special day, which can never make you select a piece that you may regret later.

Diamond vs. Gemstones

The first consideration is to select stones and side stones for your ring. It is to be decided that you want a diamond ring or a gemstone ring as your engagement ring. Gemstones as a centerpiece, like sapphire or ruby, can be selected for a trendy look.

While selecting diamond the 4 Cs must be considered. Diamond must be checked for cut, colour, clarity, and carat. Diamond should also be checked for fluorescence under different light sources to see if it affects clarity, or simply as a feature that appeals you. Do ask the retailer for grading and certification for your diamond by GIA or AGS.

Metal and Fit

Metal for the ring should be selected considering the mix and choice of colour. Yellow gold is back in trend, though rose gold is still popular for its vintage look and suitability to every skin tone. It should be also decided if the ring band would be studded or carved or kept simple.

The fit of ring is important. A loose fit increases the chances of misplacing the ring and a small ring would be embarrassing.

Shape and Setting 

The shape of the diamond should be selected considering her preferences. You can select en vogue shapes like princess cut, marquise, oval, pear, heart, or emerald shaped diamonds or you can go for classic round cut diamonds.

The setting of the stone should also be considered as it affects the brilliance, exposure, and appearance of size of the stone. While deciding on setting, frequency of wearing the ring should also be taken into account. Prong setting or Tiffany style setting elevates the ring and provides exposure of diamond to light at maximum, but this setting is not suggested for daily wear.

Bespoke vs. Customised

Yet another consideration while buying an engagement ring is to decide whether to buy online or through a physical store and to get a customised ring or a bespoke ring.

Getting your engagement ring bespoke is the best way to express your feelings and care for the one you love. It reflects the concern for the person through the details of the ring. Bespoke gives an opportunity to designing the ring, selecting stones and metals, and anything you want to do with your ring to make it personalised, like getting dates or names written on the shank of the ring.

Whichever way you decide to buy the ring, always check for certification and hallmark.

Her style, your budget 

Buying an engagement ring requires time planning. Ideally, you should start looking for an engagement ring before three months. This includes your search for design, stones, and getting ring handmade or customised.

It is necessary to consider her choice while buying the engagement ring. Decide if she would love a timeless piece or a vintage ring or a trendy band or bespoke piece reflecting her personality. Her style and your budget should go hand in hand.

Getting a bespoke engagement ring will get you a ring that suits her style and fits in your budget. Wondering how? Contact us and let us show you.

With our premium certified stones and experts for designing engagement rings, we will style a bespoke ring to shine forever on her finger.

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