Engagement Ring Styles – 7 Irresistible Trends

In this write-up, we bring to you the popular engagement ring designs that are hitting the market at present and will gain popularity in 2020 as well.

  1. Georgian-Inspired Rings – Vintage ring patterns are the most loved engagement ring styles at present. Among the vintage designs, Georgian-inspired rings are the popular ones. The rose or yellow gold or blackened metal; bordered or geometric designs; pearls, rose-cut diamonds or grey stones; or cluster setting are all popular choices in trending engagement rings that can be well related with Georgian era.


         Go modern-chic with Georgian-inspired rings this engagement season.

   2. Gemstones and Coloured Diamonds – This season is all about colours. Pink, purple, and blue are the most preferred colours among the rainbow of           colours of gemstones. Pink diamonds will continue to be popular.



          Go for gemstone or colour diamond engagement ring this season for it’s your birthstone or favourite colour or for fascination towards the benefits,                  folklore, and facts associated. 


  • Fancy Cuts – The not-so-classy cuts of diamonds are trending. Marquise, emerald-cut, cushion-cut, baguettes, and pear-shaped diamonds are being preferred over usual round-cut diamonds.

Emerald-cut diamonds will be a huge hit in 2020. The demand for emerald-cut diamonds and gemstones is high.



        Go for unconventional cut diamonds this season for an edgy and bold look.

  1. Solitaires – Less is more is the new style for engagement rings. Solitaires on a split shank or with slim band, whether embellished or not, or a three-stone solitaire ring are choices of brides who fancy timeless rings that exhibit uniqueness and can be used as an heirloom. Solitaires in rose gold give a feminine and delicate touch to the jewellery.

 Go minimalism this season as it is classy and individuality never goes out of fashion.

  1. Halo – The trend for halo rings is expected to rise in 2020. Floral, structured, or hidden halo rings are the preferred styles. Halo with diamonds creates an illusion of the centre diamond to be bigger. This is a pocket-friendly over buying a diamond of larger carat size. Floral halo rings give a feminine feel, reflect one’s personality and design that is loved by all. What is being observed is that the conventional centre diamond is replaced with gemstones for colour.



        Go for a halo engagement ring this season for feminine and edgy look.

  1. Custom-made – What else could be better than jewellery that is personalised and everything you ever wanted? Bespoke jewellery is trending as people love to express themselves with the choice of their attire. Getting jewellery customised provides with an opportunity to select metal, stones, designs of own choice within the budget and the jewellery always fits right.

        Go individualistic and be proud of who you are with custom-made engagement rings this season.

Gallery Detailing – A carved gallery gives lavish look to the ring and adds to the height of halo making the centre stone prominent. Engravings on                gallery look beautiful and make the ring look luxurious.

  Go for gallery detailing this season for an extraordinary look that would make it talk of the town.

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