Diamond Jewellery Gifts for Mother’s Day

A piece of diamond jewellery is loved by any person and can be adored at any occasion. The best gift to give to mother or wife is a piece of jewellery. Jewellery is a well-thought gift that reflects the sentiments for the person. Receiving diamond jewellery is an addition to the collection that can be given to heirs. Here are some suggestions for diamond jewellery that can be gifted on mother’s day:


  • Diamond pendant – A single diamond pendant in a thin chain looks elegant. It suits a person of any age and goes well with any outfit. A diamond studded in a heart shaped gold pendant or her favourite shape made with diamonds signifies care and love. With diamonds, gemstone or birthstone can also be used in pendants, like a heart shaped or princess-cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Gifting gemstone or birthstone jewellery is a thoughtful gift, which also has astrological and healing powers.
  • Diamond earrings – A single diamond stud is to be treasured forever. The diamond could be of any shape; even fancy cuts suit the studs. Fancy cuts are different than usual round shaped diamonds and are different from round shaped studs, which anyone might already own. Small hoops in diamond are also a gift that any mother will love to receive.
  • Diamond ring – A diamond ring is usually considered an engagement ring or wedding ring, but it is timeless and can be gifted at any occasion. A twisted diamond ring or a diamond band in bar or channel setting will make a perfect diamond ring for her.
  • Diamond band – A diamond hand band or bracelet or bangle is something that can be worn every day. A delicate bracelet can be worn on special occasions, which she can show off as her mother’s day gift by her loving children. A multi-stranded bracelet, bangle bracelet, or tennis bracelet made with diamond will suit a mother’s wrist the most.
  • Diamond brooch – A brooch made of her favourite design with diamonds studded on it will bring a smile to her face. A brooch in shape of her favourite flower or dragonfly outlined with diamonds or words like ‘mom,’ ‘love’ or mom written in a different language is thoughtful bespoke jewellery. These designs can be used for pendant too.
  • Diamond choker – A diamond choker is suggested over a diamond necklace. A choker can be single-stranded or multi-stranded with or without gemstones or pearls. It can be designed as per one’s requirement or choice and many designs are available for a choker in different combinations of stones and metals.
  • Diamond wristwatch – An evergreen and elegant gift; a wristwatch in diamond is a classic piece of jewellery. Diamonds in a wristwatch can be studded in the dial of the watch or in the belt or can be used to indicate numbers or simply outlined.

Celebrate this Mothering Sunday with us and lets design a bespoke diamond jewel, thanking her for the love, care, and blessings that she has always showered.

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