What’s the Difference between Wedding and Engagement Rings?

Many people use wedding ring and engagement ring interchangeably, but they are different from each other. We have detailed the differences for you to pick the right ring.

Differences between the two

A man gifts an engagement ring to the woman of his dreams as a proposal for marriage symbolising she is taken. A wedding ring is exchanged by couples after they have taken their vows. Wedding ring is worn after marriage and engagement ring is worn after the proposal till the marriage takes place.

An engagement ring is more extravagant than a wedding ring. Engagement rings usually have a diamond or a gemstone as a centrepiece, depending on the fashion, taste, and budget. This is why many women choose to wear engagement ring on their left-hand ring finger.

Wedding rings or wedding bands are usually plain or with pavé setting or custom made as one may choose. Couples usually choose matching wedding bands to reflect oneness and belongingness.

Do men wear engagement ring?

Traditionally, an engagement ring is given to a woman on the proposal and so we see women wearing engagement rings and not men. Although with the changing time, men may get to wear management ring. Men wedding rings are by and large simple matching to the bride’s wedding ring. These can be plain gold rings or platinum bands.

Which should one wear?

Not a rule, one may choose to wear the wedding ring on left-hand finger and engagement ring on the right one or both of them together or none of them. Traditionally, wedding ring and engagement ring are worn together with wedding ring stacked below the engagement ring so that it is closer to heart. (Our traditions know it all!)

Should I buy both?

The question is if one should buy both engagement ring and wedding ring or only a wedding ring. If one is sure of his proposal to be accepted, he may buy a wedding ring. In the present time, people prefer to buy engagement ring and wedding ring as same, especially a bespoke ring as it gives liberty to get a personalised ring.

If you are planning to buy both the rings then buy rings complementary to each other. They should look attractive together and on pairing, they must enhance the grace of each other.

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