Traits of Leo and Their Love for Jewellery 

Energetic, passionate, leadership, and aggressive are a few personality traits that define people belonging to zodiac sign Leo. Leo is zodiac sign of people born between 23 July and 22 August. The element of this sign is fire, ruling planet is the sun, and symbol is lion. As the sign of this zodiac is lion, Leos are dominating, love luxury, and want to be in spotlight.  

 Leo Men and Leo Women 

Leo meare enthusiastic, determinedand finisher (not solely initiator). They are born leaders. Though compassionate and affectionateLeo men are egoist. Leo men love passionately and are unbelievably romantic. They love attention and do not mind PDA. They express their feelings and pamper their partner. Your Leo partner will take you for date nights and surprise you with gifts and flowers. 

Leo women are attention seeker. For them, the world must revolve around them. They love receiving gifts and have a taste for luxurious life. They are charming, intelligent, and have a pleasing personality, though they are short-tempered. They are loyal and give it all in a relationship and they expect the same in return. Leo women are creative and choose a career where they are in limelightCoco Chanel, Kylie Jenner, JK Rowling, J Loand Meghan Markle are a few Leo women to name 

 Their Love for Jewellery 

Fierce and fiery, Leos are associated with warm colours. The warm and bright colours suit their personality type. Leo believes in living life king size. Minimalism is not their type. Things have to be bold, extravagant, and outstanding. They don’t hesitate to pick jewellery that is vibrant or have unusual colour or setting.   

Jewellery in yellow gold, the bright and luminous yellow, is the most suitable metal type for Leo. Warm colour gemstones like ruby, golden topaz, sardonyx, and carnelian instil strength, humility, and positivity; control anger; protect; and help in maintaining emotional balance and moving on. Onyx and tourmaline are considered to grant wisdom, self-confidence, and healthy egotism 

Not to forget the birthstone of August, peridotwhich is also the birthstone of Leo. The bright yellowish-green stone comes from volcano eruptions and even from outer space, from meteoroids; as distinct as a Leo and as extravagant as a LeoIt is believed to help Leo to grow in their career, make money, and understand humility. It helps in easing problems related to lungs and respiratory system. It endows wisdom, compassion, and generosity.  

Leo loves to be the centre of attraction and would go for bold, statement, and flamboyant pieces of jewellery. A cocktail ring with a bright gemstone and diamonds or large shimmery danglers or a pendant with an exclusive design is what Leos fall for.  

For your Leo man or woman, buy bespoke jewellery as it gives an opportunity to design a special piece that a Leo will love for its individuality and personality 

Impress them, pamper them, and surprise them with bespoke birthstone jewellery by Sparkling Stones as we expertise in designing exclusive diamond and gemstone jewellery, keeping in mind preferences and requirements and never compromising on quality.  

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