Things you must know before buying pearl & diamond rings

The subtle colour, smooth and shiny surface of pearls make it a favourite among people of all ages. It blends well with all skin tones and is a very soft naturally occurring gemstone. Every woman must own some pearl jewellery as it fits almost all occasions and can be used in combination with other gemstones especially diamonds. Pearl and diamond rings are an accessory that you can wear regularly to work and to family occasions like Christmas dinners etc.

But there are a few things one must keep in mind before acquiring this exquisite piece of jewellery.

Set a budget for the ring that you wish to buy. A combination ring with pearls and diamonds is definitely going to be dearer than an only pearl ring. But do note that different types of pearls cost different. Fresh water cultured pearls are cheaper than the south sea or Tahitian pearls. So, you can select the pearl as per your budget.

Another aspect to consider for your budget is the metal you would prefer for the ring. fresh water, Tahitian and Akoya pearls go well with the silver metal. You could pick platinum, white gold or silver as per the budget. South sea pearls and the fresh water pearls go well with yellow and rose gold. Do keep in mind the skin tone of the wearer while selecting the colour of the metal.

Size of the wearer’s hand and their preference for rings is also an aspect one must consider while choosing the ring. if the wearer like big statement rings than rings with a bigger size pearls can be a great option, but if the wearer prefers delicate and intricate designs then rings with smaller pearls will be a better choice.

Settings to consider for pearl diamond rings are halo setting, wherein a pearl is set as the centre stone and is surrounded by a ring of diamonds. Pave setting is another option in which again the pearl can be the central stone with diamonds set halfway in the metal band. Vintage setting is also a good option to consider for people who love intricate pearl and diamond settings.

At Sparkling stones you can find pearl and diamond rings for every budget, taste and occasion. And if you need anything customized, our designers can help you with that too.


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