The importance of a stand-out Valentine’s Day proposal

Proposing a lifetime commitment to the one you love is a moment to be treasured forever.  As Valentine’s Day appears on the horizon, it can be tempting to make your marriage proposal even more special, by offering it on the “most romantic day of the year”.

However romantic, you may be wondering if a Valentine’s Day proposal might be seen as a little clichéd and predictable.  Particularly when you consider that the “most romantic day of the year” is an undoubtedly special event that belongs to many other couples, too.

Approximately nine million people are estimated to be planning a Valentine’s Day proposal this year, while a recent survey showed that 41% of married participants wished they had received their dream proposal on Valentine’s Day.  Meanwhile 22% of UK women believe that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for their partner to propose marriage.

Proposal or no proposal, romantic expectations are certainly put to the test at this romantic time of year. The Valentine’s Day market in the UK alone is estimated to be worth over £42.5 million, while a 2018 survey conducted by US financial advisor WalletHub shows that around 45% of people expect an expensive Valentine’s gift.  Four in ten people have said they would consider ending their relationship over Valentine’s Day spending.

The pressure, therefore, can be high.  Not simply to spend, but to make your proposal stand out – something you’ll no doubt want to do regardless of the day on which it’s made.  After all, this is one romantic memory you’ll be revisiting and talking about for years to come.

You may be tempted to spend time planning the ultimate Valentine’s Day proposal, whisking your partner away on a sumptuous romantic break, booking an intimate restaurant corner, or simply preparing a candlelit meal at home, in a room adorned with hearts and red roses.

However you decide to stage this important question, and whenever you decide to ask it, there’s one thing you’ll need to get absolutely right – the engagement ring.  The perfect ring will complete your romantic picture, bringing all your loved one’s long-held romantic dreams to life.

While a Valentine’s Day proposal could very well be seen as clichéd and predictable, a bespoke engagement ring will help make the event as unique as your relationship – an enticing prospect it would be very hard indeed to say “no” to!

Our thoughts on a Valentine’s Day proposal?  Yes, they can be unique and special, but our mission at Sparkling Stones is to help yours stand out beautifully from all the rest.

If it is an engagement you have in mind, we will work closely with you to create the glittering ring you’ve always pictured in your mind when you imagined asking that most important of questions.  We understand just how much the subtlest of details matter, and we can even help you recreate a treasured family heirloom piece, for a show-stopping surprise.

Whatever style you’re looking for, we will guide you through the design process so that you can be involved in every stage of creating the engagement ring of your dreams.

For more information about our bespoke engagement rings, simply contact us (here).

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