The Best Times of Year to Buy a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are precious and unique and buying it for someone you love, make them special. The question is, when is the best time to buy a diamond ring?

Diamond rings with best quality diamonds are rarely on big discounts or offers. If a seller is offering diamond rings at big discounts, then the diamonds are surely not of good quality or the price is marked-up. It is necessary not to overlook the 4 Cs of the diamonds used in a ring. You certainly do not want to buy something that is of inferior quality as an engagement ring.

Diamond rings should be bought from reputed jewellers whether online or through stores and not to fall in the trap of big discounts. Reputed sellers do not give heavy discounts on jewellery, but give some discount during the year. They give discounts on making or setting costs, which accounts for a minimal discount rate.

If you find good discounts from a jeweller, buy only if you get certification of GIA or AGS and compare prices with other stores to know the actual price.

If you have planned your proposal, then start looking for engagement ring two-three months before. This will give you sufficient time to look for a ring as per your choice and budget or get a bespoke diamond ring.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers give discounts. People avoid this period of purchase as they think it to be the shopping season and believe that no one offers good discounts. During the shopping time, sellers do give offers to attract customers. There are good discounts during holidays or before Christmas, so it is a good time to shop for wedding ring.

If you are planning your proposal on Valentine’s Day, buying engagement ring after Christmas would be an ideal time. This would be hassle-free time and you can get a good time for shopping and avoid the crowd.

Spring and summer are also a suitable time to buy a diamond ring if your proposal is planned during vacation. These are usually off-season and jewellers and experts have more time to work on your requirements and make a beautiful bespoke diamond ring for you.

Autumn is the time when retailers give discounts during the off-season to promote sales. You may negotiate on a good deal during this time.

Among all the times during the year, the best time to buy a diamond ring is when you are ready and have planned proposal. This provides you with time to search for a perfect engagement ring that can be bought during the sale. If you simply wait for sale with no idea about what to buy, you may end up buying something that you may regret.

Discounts on quality diamonds are minimal and it is advisable to buy engagement ring during off-season as it gives you time to select the choicest engagement ring without being in pressure to buy during the sale. If you are tight on budget, choose gemstone ring with certified quality of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Get hassle-free and bespoke engagement ring with assured quality diamonds with us. Book your appointment and let our experts help you make a diamond ring with all the time you need whether during holidays or springtime.

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