Secret to the coolest Secret Santa

The holiday season is here and so is the season’s favourite game: Secret Santa! Whether you are playing the secret Santa to family, friends or colleagues, be at the top of your game, with these pocket-friendly yet amazing gift ideas.

* Scented candles: ginger bread, vanilla, or cinnamon scented one shall be best for this season.

* Chocolates: Chocolates are loved by children of all ages. Truffles, gourmet chocolates or nicely packed season special gift hamper can be a great option.

* Recipe books: Books on traditional festive cooking or baking come handy always and so are always welcomed as presents, especially by those who love cooking, entertaining and of course eating.

* Personalised items: gifts selected and customised with the receiver in mind, show that you care. The gift can be as per your budget ranging from keyrings, charms, rings, travel accessories, thermos coffee mugs, year planners etc.

* Gadgets and games: Nintendo switch, Xbox One, Play station 4 etc. could make a thrilling gift for the gaming enthusiasts. These gifts can be on the expensive side, instead you can buy game disks for a particular gadget as gifts. Board or card games can also be a fun gift for the holiday season, Scattegories, Cards against Humanity etc are to name a few. Besides, Fitbit, wireless headphones, Skulpt Scanner etc can be a great gift for the fitness enthusiasts or even for those looking to start working on their fitness. For the kitchen ninjas there are a lot of small and big kitchen gadgets available these days like weighing machine, ‘grow you own’ kits, smart bottle openers etc.

* Bespoke Jewellery – For the beauties of the house who love to dress-up, wear dazzling ornaments and step out in style – how about gifting a unique piece of jewellery especially designed and customised only for them. This does not need to be an expensive diamond ring or necklace. Even a simple ring with their name engraved on it, a Christmas charm as a sign of good wish or a small ring or pendant with a gemstone(may be a Ruby or a Sapphire) will be loved and cherished by the ladies, forever. Trust us on this!

* Winter accessories: A snuggle blanket, Christmas themed socks or winter wear like sweaters, mufflers etc., electronic heating mat or blanket shall definitely be a warm and welcomed gift.

* Christmas tree decorations: Some creative DIY decorations to add a personal touch to the tree decoration or an artistic unique decoration in glass, porcelain or wood can make a memorable Christmas present.

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