Propose him with the right Ring!

A guide to choosing an engagement ring for the man in your life.

Love is an emotion, expression of which is not limited to one gender alone. A woman in love can express her love for her man or woman just like any man can. Same is with popping the four-word proposal to your significant other. Instead of waiting for the other one in the relationship to get down on their knees, women are taking the initiative and proposing to their partners with the engagement ring.

Just like a lot of thought and planning goes in picking the right engagement ring for her, the same is with picking the most suitable ring for him. The ring is the symbol of their love for each other and also of the fact that how well the other one understands and respects their partner’s choices and likes. Men’s engagement rings are a raging trend and an excellent way to woo him over. The simple band style men’s rings are so not the trend.

There are a lot of styles available in the market and on line today especially designed for men, according to their style, lifestyle, persona and preferences. Some of the key points to keep in mind while shopping for that perfect piece for your beloved are:

* The metal and colour: Stay informed with the kind of metal your man prefers with reference to accessories. This choice also depends on the kind of lifestyle he has; if he has an athletic and active lifestyle he would like a strong and low maintenance metal. Yellow and white metals (Gold Engagement rings and Platinum Engagement rings)have always been preferred by males, but off late, even rose gold rings and bracelets are being made for males.

* Width of the band: The engagement and wedding rings for males have often been a thick band in contrast to the delicate thinner bands for females. But the ideal band width that suits most male hands is 3 to 4 millimetres. Keep in mind that the ring’s width should not be very thick and interferes in his day to day work.

* Finish of the band: The modern male’s rings are minimalistic and smart. The finish of it makes a huge impact on the final product. The finish on the gold or platinum engagement rings for males can be smooth, matte, polished, hammered or brushed. The male engagement rings can also have a combination of finish for a smarter effect, for instance, a combination of matte and polished ring can be subtler and less flashy.

* Diamonds or gemstones: The rings for men can certainly be studded with diamonds or other stones like deep blue sapphires. The oval or round shaped stone can be encased in the band for a minimalistic and less flashy look. Raw diamond baguette packed in-between two parallel gold rings also make for a smart and sophisticated diamond ring for males. Engraving can also be done on the rings to denote special date or a message for your fiancé.

A bespoke engagement ring shall definitely make your man feel special and overjoyed. If you have the idea for such a proposal in your head, get in touch with us at Sparkling Stones, because we might have just the right ring for your beloved. And if you are still not satisfied with the designs, do not be disappointed, because our experienced designers can bring to life the ring you have in your mind.

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