Pro tips to pick the best engagement ring

Are you planning to make it official by putting the ring on her finger? Well! Good luck to you, but have you thought about the ring? What kind of ring, which metal, which stone, which cut etc etc. We do not intend to scare or confuse you but are here to help so that you can buy the ring like a pro and are confident that she’ll love it. So, read on as here are the tips to buy that perfect engagement ring which shall be treasured and cherished by her for years to come.

Choose a metal: pick the metal that you think she might like the best. Most common picks in the order of price are platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and silver. All these metals have its pros and cons ranging from durability, lustre and resistance to wear and tear. Also, consider the preference of your partner, as it is her who shall be wearing it. Rose and white colour in metal are in vogue these days. The carat or the purity of the metal should also be asked for. Diamonds and gemstones are generally set in 18 or 14 carat gold. The lower the carat of gold the cheaper it is.

Stone: Diamonds are the most widely used stone for engagement rings. But off late, coloured gemstones are being used for engagement rings, especially post the engagement of Prince William with Kate Middleton. Her spectacular blue sapphire ring has set this trend. This can be a cheaper deal for you as mostly the coloured gemstones are cheaper than the diamond of similar size. Knowing your partner’s preferred stone can make this choice very easy.

Cut and shape: This is the last factor to decide about the final look of the ring. Keep in mind that the cut shall decide how pale or lustrous the ring would look. Its good to know her style by noticing the kind of rings she wears or by asking a trusted friend or family member about the kind of engagement ring she has in mind. The stone does not have to be a perfect 4 with all the Cs of Clarity, cut, carat and Colour. You can compromise on clarity or carat to stay on budget.

Budget: Be realistic in setting up the budget. Engagement is your first step towards family life and everything that follows from house to holidays, requires money and blowing up your budget to buy the most expensive ring in the shop is not the smartest decision. Do some market research about the prices of rings available online and in-shop. You need not have to buy ring that is readily available, instead you can customise your ring as per your budget, this will give you the best from your budget. Sparkling Stones specializes in these kinds of customizations. Our designers shall help you bring that dream ring to reality.

Size: it is important to know the size of the ring as an ill-fitting ring can put you in an awkward position. Also, do ask your jeweller if the ring size can actually be altered later or not?

New or heirloom piece?: Check with your and her side of the family about any tradition of an heirloom engagement ring. Or if she loves a particular piece of jewellery that she would like to be her engagement ring. This way you can save on the ring’s budget and she could have her favourite ring.

We hope that these pointers shall come handy when you are picking the ring. The bottom line should be to always keep her style and preferences in mind while choosing the ring as its she who shall be wearing it.

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