Match the clothes, occasion and jewllery

Match the following: clothes, occasion and jewllery

Dressing up is not an easy task, from picking an outfit to selecting the right make-up, shoes, jewellery, even the watch, make the whole deal a daunting task. Every element of the appearance plays its part and if any one element goes wrong and the whole look goes muddy. We as jewellery makers have some recommendations on how to pick the jewellery for any outfit, so that you are always on point with the jewellery you wear.

  • If the print is loud, go easy on the jewels

This is a rule of thumb, whenever the prints on your dress are busy or loud always pick the minimalistic jewellery. Simple hoops or studs can come handy with such prints. Wear a simple single chain or clean, understated neckpiece, in fact it’s okay to ditch the neckpiece altogether.

  • Not just the dress, match your jewellery with the occasion too

Always dress as per the occasion. If it’s a formal work event go for simple diamond or pearl studs paired with a strand of pearls. But, if it’s a cocktail party with friends, bring on the drama with one of your statement pieces, either a chunky necklace, or a bold pair of earrings and a huge ring. Picking up elegant drop style earrings with a strand of pearls or an elegant necklace make a great choice for social or family gatherings and events like weddings. Men can put on those designer diamond cufflinks for these kinds of events.

  • Whether your jewellery is according to the weather

In the spring and summer seasons, opt for jewellery in cooler colours, like sapphire or emerald earrings and bracelets. These colours accentuate well the bright summery clothing. In winter times, opt for warm coloured gemstones like pink tourmalines, ruby or yellow sapphire. These colours add spunk and sparkle to the otherwise dark weather and clothing in these months.

  • Diamonds, a girl’s best friend

Diamonds are ageless and can be paired with anything and everything. We believe that when you are undecisive of what coloured jewellery you should pick, wear diamonds. Diamond studs to work, diamond drop earrings to social parties, diamond dangles to weddings. A diamond tennis bracelet can be teamed up with anything from casual to formal, and same goes with diamond rings. Statement animal design diamond rings can glam up any outfit.

  • Mix and match different styles

Pairing a mix of gold and silver accessories with colour-blocked or single-coloured dresses is always interesting. In fact, going with just one kind of metal, either only gold or only silver is a big no-no these days and same is the case with full jewellery sets with matching earring, necklace, bracelet and ring.

Strings of pearls match wonderfully well with the pastel shades, you can pair these with diamond or gold earrings with pearl drops. Vintage jewellery designs act as statement pieces, when paired with modern silhouettes. Be cautious always to not to go overboard with your jewellery and when in a dilemma always favour the sharp and cleaner designs.

If you are looking for chic, timeless, classy handmade jewellery then Sparkling Stones is the ultimate stop, as we deal in jewellery for every style and budget.

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