How to be Santa Ready with Your wish-list this Season

Time flies as the year is inching towards its end, the shops and streets are full of Christmas decorations and there are a whole lot of offers and discounts in place for all the gift shoppers. Have you made your Christmas wish list? Not yet? Well, it’s a bit late, but better late than never! here we shall help you on how to put together your wish list for this Christmas.

  • Start NOW! list down all the things that you would want as presents this festive season. Touch all the aspects of your life, from electronics and gadgets to home improvement and décor items, kitchen gadgets, clothes, accessories, hobby supplies, shoes, jewellery, perfumes etc.
  • Group the list: Now segregate the items on your list as the ones that you need and the ones that you want. The ‘need’ list includes items that you actually have to use for maybe an upcoming project or tournament. It can also be something that you already have but it needs an upgrade, example a kitchen gadget, a camera, shoes etc. the ‘want’ list can include items that you wish you had. It can be some luxury items like a branded handbag, a set of headphones, bespoke jewellery etc.
  • Scrutiny: In this age of consumerism both the columns in your lists can be quiet long. This step is very important because here you have to decide as to what actually can stay on the list. This scrutiny is also important to not hoard unnecessary gifts. During this scrutiny, mark the exact detail of the product that you would like to have with its specifications. This will make it easy to pick the exact product that you require which will save you from the hassle of exchange or return in future.
  • Make it public: Now that you are ready with your Christmas wish-list, just make it available for your friends and family, so they’ll know exactly what you would like as your gift. You can send it out via email, social apps or gifting websites like, are also a great option.

There are a lot of printable wish-lists available online, these range from simple ruled ones to Christmas themed lists. Print the one that suits you and get on with that list soon as there are coupons, Christmas markets and seasonal discount sales running in shops and on shopping websites. There are good chances that you might end up securing a good deal on your desired product. You can also avail the Christmas offer being run by us – 10% discount on your first piece of bespoke jewellery. So, good luck with the list and enjoy exchanging gifts with those who matter to you.

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