How Jewellers Can Replicate In-Store Experience Online 

The trend of e-tailing is growing and people are loving to buy almost everything online, which is just a click away. Online platforms allow shopping at any time of the day and everything is delivered right at the doorstep. Despite the popularity of e-shopping, people still hesitate to buy jewellery online.


Not all sellers provide every service online as provided in brick and mortar stores. Customers expect certain services, quality, and value for money for the jewellery they buy.Considering jewellery as a luxury item, customers require to trust online retailers and know how do the jewellery actually look.

What is required by jewellers?

Foremost, jewellers are required to disclose the details of the jewellery they are selling online. They must provide true and complete product details. Certification of stones used in jewellery, like diamonds and gemstones in rings should also be mentioned. This will assure customers about the quality and authenticity of the jewellery. The dimensions of the jewellery should also be given along with the weight. Customers with this information can decide on the size and length of the jewellery suitable for their personality and need.

Jewellery is related to emotions and a beautiful description for each product would help customers to relate to it and find a suitable piece for the occasion.The website should be organised properly with appropriate filters in terms of price, products, stones used, and others. This would make easy for customers to browse the site and see the category of jewellery that they wish to buy.Retailers should enhance the online experience of customers by providing images of different angles of the jewellery or 360-degree view of the jewellery.

Customers, this way, can understand the design and details of jewellery. Like by providing a 360-degree view of a diamond ring would exhibit its details at all angles, the brilliance of the stone to an extent, and the setting of the stone.

Online services of experts should be provided by the jewellers to help customers select the kind of jewellery they are looking for. Chabot or video chatting should be made available to customers.

Chat assistance, like May I Help You, should be provided for instant query solutions. This will make customers engrossed with the site and they would not switch to another online jeweller because of lack of information at the time needed.Virtual trial-on option should also be provided by jewellers. This will help customers in virtually trying jewellery, which will give them an idea of how it would look on them. Trial-on option at the doorstep or any of their brick and mortar store should also be made available.

Customers should be given with an option of selecting a few pieces of jewellery, like five engagement rings, which will be delivered to them for trial and they may select the piece that suits them the most.With these, FAQs, return options, quality certificates and services of resizing, polishing, free delivery, and after-sales services should be provided to attract customers to shop jewellery online.Contact us for trustworthy and enhanced online shopping experience of bespoke jewellery for making your special moments memorable.

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