Get more out of your Christmas Decorations

Thrifty DIYs for repurposing your previous year’s Christmas decorations
It’s time to indulge into everything Christmassy. From home décor to pyjamas and food to gifts everything has to have some element of the season. The streets, shops, restaurants and homes each place is decked up for Christmas.
Are you bored of the same Christmas decorations over the years, did you know that you can actually repurpose your existing decorating material into something new this year? This way you’ll not have to spend a fortune purchasing all new decoration material and can save yourself from a lot of clutter post the festive season.

Here are some simple tricks to repurpose your Christmas decorations:

  • Make a wreath for the door by intertwining Christmas tree streamers.
  • Collect some pine cones from the wild and paint these golden or silver and use these as Christmas tree hangings.
  • Repaint the Christmas tree balls. You can also use masking tape to paint some form of patterns on single coloured balls.
  • Use some of the Christmas tree ornaments from the last year such as the balls and stars by placing these in a glass bowl or in a wood basket and place it on the centre table as a centre piece.
  • Christmas tree ornaments also make for great window decorations. Suspend coloured balls and stars with the help of ribbons from the curtain rods to decorate the windows.
  • Old wreaths can be up-cycled with some bows, small Christmas confetti and glitter.
  • Christmas ornaments and confetti can also be used to up-cycle candle stands or candle-holders for the festive look.

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