Everything You Need to Know About Rose Gold

Rose gold is in trend and you can find clothes, décor, accessories, and even mobiles in rose gold colour. In recent times rose gold gained popularity over yellow and white gold jewellery. In 1800, rose gold first became popular in Russia followed by the Victorian period. Later in the Art Deco period, it again gained popularity.

Rose gold is made of yellow gold mixed with copper and silver. The rose colour is because of the presence of copper and silver in it. The tone of rose gold varies with the proportion of metals mixed. Rose gold is real gold and the karat of gold used decides the purity of it. It is considered romantic because of its colour. Alloys are added to gold to increase its strength as pure gold is soft and bends easily. Copper toughens the gold making it more durable. This way the jewellery in rose gold can be used for long without being damaged or change in the shape and design of the jewel.

Rose gold does not require to be plated like other metals. White gold is rhodium plated and over the time it needs to be re-plated and so requires maintenance from time-to-time. Rose gold requires to be polished for brightness or may be continued to be used in the same state for a vintage appearance. It costs less because alloys are used to make it. It thus makes it affordable and also costs less in terms of maintenance. Unlike other metals, rose gold does not tarnish but it may get darker in shade with time. The darkened piece of jewellery is quite popular as it gives a vintage look.

Rose gold colour suits every skin tone. It well compliments cool, as well as warm skin tones. Not only women rose gold is for men too. The balance in the tone of rose gold makes it suitable for men to wear.

The colour also goes well with other colour jewellery. Rose gold can be stacked with white gold, platinum, or yellow gold or coloured stones, like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires, making it a versatile piece to be worn. Rose gold bands, ring, or bangles can be clubbed with rings and bracelets in white or yellow gold, giving a pleasant hue.

In the present time, yellow gold is back in trend. Yellow gold is being popular again for its lustre, although this does not lessen the popularity of rose gold. Rose gold continues to be a popular choice for its versatility, colour, and vintage look which is timeless.

Rose gold can be used for any piece of jewellery, be it is neck piece, gemstone rings, diamond jewellery, or bespoke jewellery. Rose gold is also a popular colour in watches. Diamond rings in rose gold with any diamond setting and design will make trendy, as well as classic, engagement ring.

If you are thinking to add versatility to your collection with bespoke rose gold jewellery or looking for an engagement ring, contact us and we will design the jewellery to suit your taste and collection.

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