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Top 5 styles for a 1 carat diamond engagement ring

the size of the stone on the ring does not have to be the indicator of someone’s feelings for you. Instead, sanity and practicality are what make a bond last a lifetime. A 1 carat diamond engagement ring can be a great accompaniment with your proposal. Here are the 5 best styles for a 1 carat diamond ring:

  • Solitaire setting: The classic and timeless style of rings. The stone can be held by a 3, 4 or 6 prong head on a simple metal shank. The metal is preferably yellow gold as it helps the stone to stand out.
  • Oval/Circle Halo setting: The very popular Halo, wherein the centre stone is encircled by smaller diamonds or a complementing gemstone. The setting gives the face of the ring a larger circumference and bling. This kind of setting is suited for platinum engagement rings.
  • The three stone ring: in this kind of setting the centre stone is flanked by two comparatively smaller, oblong or oval, even heart shaped diamonds. This has been a popular design this year post Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s engagement. The Centre stone can be any stone of your choice but the most popular gemstone rings are Sapphire Engagement rings, Emerald engagement rings and ruby engagement rings.
  • Vintage Diamond Rings: There has been a rise in the demand for vintage inspired designs. Many a times the requests for a handmade vintage engagement ring were inspired from a long-admired ring of a grandmother or mother. The vintage diamond rings generally have a single stone in the centre with intricately carved head and shank, often studded with small diamonds. Sparkling stones specializes in adapting and customizing vintage designs into a bespoke piece of jewellery.
  • Halo Engagement Rings with Princess cut solitaire: This style consists of a brilliantly cut, sharp-edged, square shaped diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds. This kind of diamond engagement ring is popular for its edgy and ‘not-so-conventional’ look.


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