Birthstone Inspired Engagement Rings

Ditching dazzling diamonds is the new trend. People are now opting for more budget-friendly, thoughtful, and vibrant colour birthstone engagement rings. The trend of birthstone engagement ring is rising and expected to be popular in the coming years.

What is making birthstone engagement rings more popular than diamond engagement rings?

Well, they are more personalised, reflect individuality, and say beyond ‘I love you.’

Diamonds are symbolic to love, but birthstone goes beyond. It shows that you took extra effort to find a suitable stone. Birthstones are related to chakras, considered to have healing powers, and even worn as a talisman. Different stones are symbolic to different emotions, like pearls to purity or rubies to prosperity. This surely is going to win her\his heart.

It is not necessary to buy the engagement ring of your birthstone. If you are attracted towards any other stone for its colour or properties or beliefs associated, you may choose to buy it. Birthstones are not only for months, but they are also for zodiac signs and days of a week. Moreover, few months have more than one birthstone. A lot of choices for your bespoke gemstone engagement ring!

What should be considered for buying a birthstone engagement ring?

With so many choices available, the hardness of the gemstone on Mohs Hardness Scale should be seen, which should be ideally above 7.5. This is to see the durability of stone and its resistance to daily wear and tear. In case you want a stone with a low score on Mohs scale, you may go for it but it is not suggested for daily wear.

Diamonds are not every girl’s love and some prefer birthstones over conventional diamond engagement rings. Gemstones are found in many colours, and in profusion shades and depth of colours, their attractiveness changes. This gives you a chance to design an engagement ring that is truly yours.

Still in Doubt?

We have listed a few famous celeb gemstone engagement rings to help you see the reason for changing fashion.

  1. Kate Middleton

Yes, everyone is talking about the engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge, which was once worn by Princess Diana, has a centre blue sapphire enclosed by diamonds.

  1. Halle Berry

The 4-carat square emerald ring with two diamonds on sides is special as it has Phoenician codes illustrating love story of the duo.

  1. Victoria Beckham

One of the engagement rings of Victoria Beckham is an oval-cut ruby in a halo and band of diamonds. Showstopper!

  1. Jackie Kennedy

The baguette 2-carat diamond and 2-carat emerald gold ring is an exemplary design of an engagement ring that you can’t take your eyes off.

  1. Olivia Wilde

This engagement ring of Olivia Wilde is set differently with a 6-carat diamond at core encircled with emeralds. The beauty of the birthstone ring lies in the placement of stones.

Commemorate your nuptials with the colours and tints of birthstone engagement ring bespoke at Sparkling Stones and signature in your style.

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