Are People really buying Engagement Rings online?

With the ease in technology and communication, everything is e-retailed. From necessities to luxury, everything is available online. The question is, is everything bought online? Yes, everything is being bought online including jewellery. This is no surprise and people are increasingly using online platforms to buy engagement rings of their choice at a cost lower by 40%-50% than that sold at brick and mortar stores. Online retailers save costs on physical stores and intermediaries and pass on the advantage to customers, making online engagement rings more economical than rings available at a physical retail store.

Other than price, lifetime warranty, quality assurance, favourable return policy, and insured delivery makes online purchasing popular. If you are not happy with the product, return or exchange it at the value of the ring with no extra cost of shipping or handling. You also get 24/7 services and grading and appraisal papers for your handcrafted ring.

Online jewellers provide a variety of options to their customers, like readily available wedding rings, customised rings, and bespoke ring or design your own engagement ring. The brick and mortar stores usually provide customers with an option to customise jewellery rather than bespoke jewellery. Customised jewellery is a readily available piece which is modified as per buyer’s preferences whereas bespoke jewellery is designed and made using every element as per customer’s requirement. Charms, rings, and bracelets are the most common bespoke jewellery.

Talking about the trend, people opt for bespoke engagement rings as they reflect thoughtfulness and care. It is also personalised, romantic, and reflects the personality and taste of a person.

How can you get an online bespoke engagement ring?

Getting an online bespoke engagement ring requires you to know your budget and a little groundwork on what you want or not. Once you have shortlisted designs, a meeting is arranged with an expert that discusses your budget, preferences, and purpose, like resizing or a new ring. The expert helps you in the selection of stone and you are then led by a designer. The designer, considering your choices, designs various pieces and makes modifications according to your suggestions. Once the design is finalised, a 3-D design is shown so that you get a clear idea of how the final product will look like and final changes are made. After this, the ring is made, checked for quality, and the customer is called for trial or the ring is directly delivered to the customer. Your bespoke engagement ring unveiling your emotions is ready for your special moment. At Sparkling Stones, we make this process quite convenient, informative and engaging for you. Guiding you from the very first step to making of the final product, you will be delighted with our exceptional customer service. For more details please visit our webpage:

A bespoke engagement ring is desired as it gives a feeling of satisfaction and joy that something has a reflection of your personality. It is romantic & more personal, adds charm to your moment, and is special because of the efforts and time you took for the one you love.

A bespoke engagement ring is designed as per your budget and preferences and represents your thoughts and emotions which makes it special than other available rings.

Contact us for your bespoke engagement ring and let us celebrate you!

2 thoughts on “Are People really buying Engagement Rings online?

  1. latha says:

    Great a days most of the people are buying diamond engagement ring online because buying online is safe and no need to go jewelry stores.

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