7 interesting facts about Gemstones!

  • Fancy colour diamonds or ‘Fancies’ range from purple, pink, yellow, green and blue in colour. The (more) intense and pure the quality of the stone is, the higher is its value.
  • As per the Guinness World Records the CTF Pink earlier known as the Pink Star Diamond sold for a whopping $71.2 million in April 2017, holds the record of the most expensive diamond ever sold in an auction. It is a 59.6 carat internally flawless pink coloured diamond.
  • Did you know that Ruby and sapphire are made up of the same mineral ‘Corundum’. Presence of chromium in the mineral imparts a red colour in Corundum and the resulting stone is Ruby. If there are traces of iron and titanium in the corundum mineral it results in the blue colour sapphires. Similarly, different kinds of impurities in the mineral determine the different colours of sapphire.
  • Tourmaline is a gem that comes in a variety of colours. In fact, there are tourmalines which have multi -colours in a single stone.
  • According to the ancient Greek and Indian scriptures different gemstones were believed to have an effect on the wearer. These effects ranged from healing anxiety, keeping negative vibes at bay, good health and prosperity etc.
  • Sri Lanka is also known as the ‘treasure box of the Indian ocean’ as it is home to a number of gemstones. Sapphires, rubies, peridots, tourmalines are few of the variety of gemstones found there.
  • United States of America followed by India are the highest importers of gemstones from all around the world.

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