16 Engagement Ring Styles & Settings You Need to Know About NOW

For any proposal, it is important to select a ring that suits her personality and preference. A ring reflects the taste, choice, outlook, and belief of a person. Before deciding on buying or designing your engagement ring, the diamond setting should be decided first. This helps in selecting the appropriate stone type and size that will be turned to a piece of beautiful handcrafted custom jewellery. For you to select the most suitable engagement ring for her to flaunt for the lifetime, here is a guide on engagement ring styles and settings:

  • Prong – It is the most common and classic design of all times. A prong is a claw that holds the diamond in its place giving the stone exposure over metal.

  • Bezel – Unlike prong, in bezel setting, the diamond is encircled with metal partially or wholly. In partial setting, the sides are left open. It is suitable for people with active lifestyle.

  • Cathedral – This style uses the slope to heighten the stone giving an illusion of larger stone. Cathedral may be set using tension, bezel, or prong to hold diamond on the arch designed exquisitely. This style suits people with elegant and traditional preferences.

  • Tiffany – Trademarked by Tiffany & Co, this style uses six prongs to hold and elevate the stone for brilliant light reflection.

  • Tension – In this setting, the stone is held by the pressure of metal on the two sides, which looks suspended in the space. It is the best example of handmade engagement rings with perfection and boldness.

  • Tension Style – It is a fusion of bezel setting and tension setting. This setting uses bezel in tension style, giving an illusion of tension style.

  • Flush – In flush setting, small stones are secured in holes in the ring or band. This setting is suitable for people who work with hands or believe in simplicity. This is also a popular style of wedding bands for couples.

  • Pave – In this style, small stones are set in a continuous pattern, held by tiny metal beads or prongs. It adds more sparkle to the ring, and it is suitable for people preferring designer engagement ring.

  • Channel – This setting highlights both stone and metal by setting small stones in a row in a band or a ring. This is a popular style for wedding bands, and it is also used as side stone setting for highlighting centre stone in a ring.

  • Bar – Similar to channel setting, in bar setting, thin bars are used to separate stones that are placed in a row. The difference between the two is that in bar setting diamonds are left open from two sides rather than enclosed in parallel metal lines.


  • Halo – Popular among celebrities, in this style, the centre stone is surrounded by small stones or diamonds in a circular or square fashion. In this style, a contrast of hues can be created by placing different colour stones in the halo. This is a suitable setting for getting a custom diamond engagement ring.

  • Three stone – Reflecting a couple’s past, present, and future, the three stones are set together, which may be of equal size or the centre one larger than the other two. You can design your engagement ring with desired stones, size and colour.

  • Vintage – This setting includes crafting the rings according to the trends of a particular era, like Victorian. This is one of the most popular ring styles in London and is also a very good style for a bespoke and designer engagement ring.

  • Cluster or Invisible – In this setting, small or medium sized diamonds are placed closely to give an impression of a large stone. This is an economical way of purchasing a ring with a large stone. You can a designer ring with a variation in texture, colour, dimension, and shape.

  • Shank or Split-Shank – Shank is the part of a ring that encircles finger. With custom engagement rings, you can get shank designed in square or other designs. A split shank is where the shank gets divided into two parts making the centre stone prominent.

  • Eternity Band – It is a style of ring that suits pave, flush, channel, and bar setting of a ring, which is preferred by both men and women.

Contact us to help you choose and design your bespoke engagement ring. The ring can be customised, designed, and handcrafted according to your choice, time, and budget.

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