10 Awesome Tips on Diamond Fluorescence to Make Her Ring Shine

What is Diamond Fluorescence?

Diamond fluorescence is the glow of a different colour that diamond shows when exposed to ultraviolet light. Almost 30% of diamonds have fluorescence and this cannot be observed easily by untrained eyes. Usually, the glow is of blue colour but at times, the glow can be of yellow, white, red, or green colour.

10 Tips on Diamond Fluorescence

1. Colour grades – On the basis of intensity of fluorescence, GIA has set a scale for diamond fluorescence as None, Faint, Medium, Strong, and Very Strong. It is not an identifying factor of diamond quality but a measure to distinguish features of diamonds.

2. Colour of fluorescence – Although blue is the most common colour of diamond fluorescence, yellow, orange, green, red, and white are also illuminated by diamonds. Red fluorescence is the rarest colour and that is what makes each diamond rare and beautiful.

3. Effect of strong blue fluorescence – Usually, people cannot understand the presence of fluorescence, and it does not have an effect on the properties of a diamond. Indeed, strong blue fluorescence can enhance the colour and appearance of diamonds.

4. Check for fluorescence – While shopping for diamond ask the seller to show it under UV light and daylight. Notice the visibility, effect, and intensity of fluorescence under different light sources, especially natural daylight. Once the light source is removed, the diamond will stop fluoresce. See if you can distinguish effects of fluorescence under different light sources and if its presence appeals you.

5. Effect on brilliance – The brilliance of a diamond depends on the cut of the diamond and the effect of fluorescence is nil on the way it sparkles.

6. Durability of diamond – Again, fluorescence does not affect the durability and structure of a diamond. The presence or absence of fluorescence does not identify a diamond to be fake or real, as well.

7. Improves colour – For diamonds in I-M colour grade, it is believed that blue fluorescence makes yellow colour diamonds appear more colourless in the presence of UV light or sunlight. Therefore, diamonds in this grade with medium to very strong fluorescence may have a high value.

8. Saves money – Faint fluorescence diamonds are available at comparatively less price and they do not affect the brilliance of diamond. D-H colour range diamonds with blue fluorescence are considered to reflect hazy appearance and hence they cost less than other grade diamonds.

9. Good or bad – There is no good or bad about diamond fluorescence. Diamonds are distinct and it is up to one’s choice if they perceive fluorescence to be beautiful or not. Fluorescence is a feature of diamond that does not affect its structure.

10. Check retailers’ policy and reliability – It is necessary that you buy diamond from a reputable retailer to ensure the quality and reliability of the diamond that is being sold. It is also suggested that return policies and other of the merchant are checked before making a purchase.

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